We all experience life-changing events, either good or bad ones As we grow up they stay with us, stored in a part of our memory Do you remember that day when everything changed?

Life gives us both awesome and tragical moments to experience. It's up to us to seek and give a meaning to what's happening, to accept or refuse, to change directions, ...
This project is your place to discover and share all these special life-changing moments.

Share your life-changing moment memories

Easy to do and beautiful : choose a photograph or artwork that reminds you of this special moment or situation, write your own short message to describe it.
You're done and can now share it on Momentous.
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A passion for stories,
decisions, losses, happiness, fate...

I can't really remember where or when I got this personal project's idea, but I do remember how strongly I felt the need to give it a chance. Let me shortly introduce myself : I\'m Matt, a front-end developer & designer, a musician, an avid reader, a believer, a random person just like you who learns from life everyday and who tries to make a positive difference.

With Momentous, my desire is to illustrate and focus on what makes us humans: the value of feelings, life changes, memories and actions we can take when something big happens to us. Different cultures, different sensibilities, different luck. There is a time to celebrate and a time to cry, a time to refuse and a time to act, a time to think and a time to bounce.

With the help of long-time friends and magical meetings, Momentous came to life...
Now is your chance to interact, share and write its story.
Thank you.

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